How Centering Can Support You During Pregnancy

Pregnancy centering is a new model of prenatal care that bundles essential health assessment and education services together in a social setting. The goal of pregnancy centering is to replace short and often impersonal prenatal visits with longer, more meaningful group sessions.

Pregnancy centering creates a unique opportunity for women with similar due dates and providers to discuss nutrition, common discomforts, stress management, labor and delivery, breastfeeding, and infant care. Group sessions are typically 90 minutes to two hours, to ensure adequate time to learn new skills and get your questions answered.

What are the benefits of group prenatal care?

Group prenatal care includes the same components as individual care, but includes additional time for education and skill building, as well as time to connect with other pregnant women. Pregnancy centering has benefits for moms, babies and providers, including:

  • Better Health Outcomes
    Recent studies have shownthat moms who participate in thepregnancy centering model have healthier babies.
  • Self-Care
    Centering pregnancy empowers women to be more actively engaged in their own healthcare and to own their health information.
  • Self-Confidence
    Centering pregnancy prepares new moms for labor and delivery and helps them understand what is normal during pregnancy and what is cause for concern.
  • More Time With Your Provider
    On average, women who participate in group prenatal care spend 10x more time with their provider than women in traditional care.
  • Support & Friendship
    Group sessions create lasting friendships and are wonderful resources for new mothers during their pregnancy and beyond.

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