Midwives At Adriatica

At Adriatica Women’s Health, we are proud to offer Midwife services. Our team of experienced midwives focuses on the specific needs of each patient and together they bring decades of combined experience caring for hundreds of unique women.

Our midwives practice evidence-based care while respecting and honoring each patient’s wishes. They have expertise in normal fertility, pregnancy, and birth, gynecological, and contraception services for all ages, spanning from teens to post-menopause.

Midwifery care is uniquely nurturing, allowing focus on both the physical, psychological, and social well-being of the birthing parent throughout the childbearing cycle.

All births are done in a safe hospital environment, with the option of natural childbirth, water labor, and a unique personalized delivery plan.

While our Midwives mainly care for low-risk pregnancies, they also work closely with our physician team to be able to offer midwifery care to patients with certain high-risk conditions, VBAC (vaginal birth after cesarean delivery), and even cesarean sections.

Midwifery FAQ

Liz Marley, CNM
Certified Nurse Midwife

Holly Costello, CNM, FNP-BC
Certified Nurse-Midwife and Board-Certified Family Nurse Practitioner

Breona Black, CNM
Certified Nurse Midwife

Josie Roberts, CNM
Certified Nurse Midwife

“I believe midwifery is about empowerment and advocacy for women. Women should be given options for birth and the resources and power to have the experience that they desire.”

Liz Marley, CNM

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