6 Ways to Know if Your Sex Life is Healthy

Not sure exactly what a healthy sex life entails? Board-Certified Dr. Dani Steininger breaks down six ways to know if your sex life is healthy. 1) It doesn’t hurt: While penetrative sex is not always completely without pain, a ‘normal’ amount of pain would be a small twinge or a moment of friction that goes … Continued

A Missed Period Can Mean More Than Pregnancy

Did you miss your period but know you’re not pregnant? A missed or late period doesn’t always mean you’re a soon-to-be mom. This month, we’re exploring the multitude of other reasons your time of the month could be a week or two past due. There are two monumental times in a woman’s life when it’s … Continued

COVID-19 and the Ripple Effect on Women’s Health

Keeping you and your family safe is an all-time high priority as we head into the third year of the COVID-19 pandemic. This month, we sat down with Board-Certified Dr. Dani Steininger to clear the air about women’s health and options for staying safe during this unprecedented time. Ashley: Can the COVID vaccine interfere with … Continued

True or False? 7 Most Common Pregnancy Misconceptions

Information overload is real and can make it tough to implement safe practices during pregnancy. While it’s natural to ask friends and family for baby bump advice, it’s important to verify the information with your OB/GYN, primary care provider or midwife. Keep reading for clarification on some of the most common pregnancy misconceptions. The Truth … Continued

Babies and Covid

Most COVID-19 infections have been among adults, but children of all ages are susceptible to the virus. In many cases, children have had little to no symptoms while infected, but there are also those who have become critically ill. Children under two years old are unable to wear masks since they make it more difficult … Continued

Sexual Health with Dr. Dani Steininger, MD, FACOG

It’s time to take the taboo out of sex. This month, we’re taking your high-school Sex-Ed class to another level with Board-Certified Dr. Dani Steininger as we discuss how to better care for your reproductive health, the importance of open communication with a sexual partner and how to protect yourself from STIs/STDs. Ashley: When should … Continued

Ask A Midwife: Irregular menstruation

This conversion with Laura Kennedy, a Board-Certified Nurse Practitioner, breaks down irregular menstruation: what causes it, how it affects fertility, and how to regulate your cycle. Ashley: What is a normal period? An irregular period? Laura: A normal period usually occurs around the same time each month. However, this can vary from every 21 to … Continued

Ask A Midwife: Taking Control of Your Birth Control

Ask A Midwife is a blog series from Adriatica Women’s Health. Hear directly from midwives on topics such as c-section risk, considering a VBAC, pregnancy in a pandemic and more. This conversation about contraception with Angela Judson, a Certified Nurse Midwife, explains the different types of birth control available to you, their effectiveness as well … Continued

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