Pain During Sex? It Could Be a Serious Medical Problem

Pain during sex is very common. In fact, three out of four women experience painful intercourse at some point during their lives. Short-term conditions like an infection in your genital area or urinary tract can lead to short-term pain during sex. Eczema and other skin conditions in your genital area can also cause pain temporarily. … Continued

How Centering Can Support You During Pregnancy

Pregnancy centering is a new model of prenatal care that bundles essential health assessment and education services together in a social setting. The goal of pregnancy centering is to replace short and often impersonal prenatal visits with longer, more meaningful group sessions. Pregnancy centering creates a unique opportunity for women with similar due dates and … Continued

10 Women’s Health Issues Everyone Should Be Aware of

Women have unique medical needs that change throughout their lifetime, especially when it comes to reproductive health and wellness. Adriatica Women’s Health offers comprehensive gynecologic care and treatment from board-certified physicians that have a lifetime of experience with women’s special health care requirements. Here is a list of the most common health concerns among women: … Continued

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