2018 Best Of: Vote For Adriatica Women’s Health!

For the last two years, Adriatica Women’s Health has won Living Magazine’s Best Of Reader’s Choice OB/GYN award. This award is given to local businesses that have consistently delivered top-quality services and products. With your vote, you can help the Adriatica team win this year’s 2018 Best Of award! Simply click here for more information … Continued

Pap Smear & Pelvic Exams: Why They Matter

It’s a fact. Gynecologic exams are necessary for maintaining a woman’s optimal health. But, if you’re like many women who feel fine most of the time, and whose menstrual cycles are normal, you may question the need for regular Pap smears and pelvic exams. Certainly, as you age, your doctor may recommend that you get … Continued

Second Location in Prosper, Texas Now Open!

The team at Adriatica Women’s Health is excited to announce the opening of a convenient second location in Prosper, Texas! Located in the Baylor Family Medicine Building: 821 N. Coleman Street Suite 100 Prosper, TX 75078 Hours of operation: Tuesdays and Thursdays, 7:30 am to 2:30 pm Now servicing the McKinney and Prosper community, the … Continued

MonaLisa Touch®: How It Works and What to Expect

Menopause isn’t the only disruptor of vaginal health and the ability to enjoy intimacy. Cancer treatment or procedures such as an oophorectomy (removal of the ovaries) can also cause severe drops in estrogen levels, which in turn triggers a decrease in tissue thickness and lubrication. These issues can make the idea of sex unappealing for … Continued

Sex During Menopause: How Does Menopause Affect Sex Drive?

Menopause. Perhaps no single word represents so many aspects of physical and emotional changes, questions, challenges and frustrations. For all women, (unless the ovaries were removed before puberty), menopause will be a part of life. Naturally occurring menopause happens when a woman goes 12 months without having a period. No longer living by a menstrual … Continued

What to Look for in an OB/GYN in McKinney, Texas

Most women get recommendations for an OB/GYN from a trusted friend, but it is essential you do your own research to narrow down your choices. Before your first appointment, you should decide what kind of experience you expect and find doctors and facilities that match your needs. What to look for when choosing an OB/GYN … Continued

Easing Symptoms of Menopause

Menopause is a natural part of aging for women, but it comes with uncomfortable symptoms and side effects. These symptoms may lead to anxiety or depression if left untreated. The experienced doctors at Adriatica Women’s Health want to help you understand the symptoms of menopause and how to alleviate them so you can get back … Continued