Your Pregnancy Step by Step

Congratulations on your pregnancy! Whether you’re in your first, second or third trimester, it’s important to know what to expect and how to have a healthy pregnancy.

First trimester

A lot is happening during the first trimester. You may feel tired, nauseous, or notice that your breasts are tender or swollen. Here’s what your baby is doing to cause these symptoms:

  • Month 1
    During the first month of pregnancy, your baby’s head, brain, spinal cord, lungs and heart begin to form. So, if you are trying to conceive or just found out you’re pregnant, it’s important to start prenatal vitamins right away. They provide essential vitamins and minerals that may be lacking in your diet.
  • Month 2
    The second month of pregnancy is a busy time for the baby as the organs, muscles, bones, arms and legs begin to grow. Your baby’s face is also developing. Now is the time for you to make sure you are eating a healthy, nutritional diet filled with whole grains, lean meats and a variety of fruits and leafy green vegetables.
  • Month 3
    This month, your baby’s heart grows a bit more along with the eyelids, fingers, toes and skin. It is around this time that your baby starts moving — although you won’t feel anything for a few more weeks.

Second Trimester

Some people refer to the second trimester as the honeymoon phase because you are starting to show, but you aren’t too big yet to be uncomfortable. Enjoy the perks and watch your bump grow:

  • Month 4
    Your expressive baby is growing fast this month and learning how to smile and frown. Her fingernails and hair are growing too. It’s also an exciting time for you because you may begin to feel your baby move — it may feel like small gas bubbles or a fluttering sensation at first.
  • Month 5
    This is the halfway point of your pregnancy and you should be feeling little kicks and elbows moving around. Your baby is also developing fingerprints and sucking her thumb. You may also notice an increase in your breast size and a clear, yellow or orange fluid coming from your nipples. This is colostrum and is the first milk that nourishes and provides important antibodies for your baby.
  • Month 6
    Although you won’t see them emerge for quite some time, your baby’s teeth begin to form this month. It’s also a good time to start talking or singing to your baby because they can now hear your voice and music.

Third Trimester

You’re in the home stretch, now is a good time to start thinking about what you’ll need for the hospital and the first few weeks home with your baby. Here’s what your baby is up to this trimester:

  • Month 7
    Your baby’s eyelids are opening and closing, and she will be gaining weight more rapidly over the next 12 weeks.
  • Month 8
    Next, your baby should move to a head down position to prepare for birth. Your doctor may confirm her position with an ultrasound. Her skin is also filling out with fat, which is good for the baby, but may be hard on your back. Listen to your body and rest whenever possible.
  • Month 9
    If your baby is head down, you may notice an increase in pressure as she moves down into the pelvis. Watch for signs of labor and contact your doctor if you notice any bleeding, water or have contractions less than ten minutes apart.

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