Do’s and Don’ts of Vaginal Care with Our Team of Board-Certified, Mom-Approved OB/GYNs

Vaginal care is easier than you think. Despite the shelves of feminine-cleaning products at stores, there’s really no need; the vagina is a self-cleaning mastermind. This month, we’re going over the tips and tricks to maintain a healthy down-there atmosphere. Common Irritations & What to do About Them Vaginal irritation is categorized by itching, burning, … Continued

Ask A Midwife: Irregular menstruation

This conversion with Laura Kennedy, a Board-Certified Nurse Practitioner, breaks down irregular menstruation: what causes it, how it affects fertility, and how to regulate your cycle. Ashley: What is a normal period? An irregular period? Laura: A normal period usually occurs around the same time each month. However, this can vary from every 21 to … Continued

Ask A Midwife: Taking Control of Your Birth Control

Ask A Midwife is a blog series from Adriatica Women’s Health. Hear directly from midwives on topics such as c-section risk, considering a VBAC, pregnancy in a pandemic and more. This conversation about contraception with Angela Judson, a Certified Nurse Midwife, explains the different types of birth control available to you, their effectiveness as well … Continued

Postpartum Care – What new moms need to know

Bringing your bundle of joy home from the hospital is a life-changing event for new parents. And while this new chapter is a joyous one, there can be emotional and physical challenges that require an adjustment. For new mothers the transition from pregnancy to postpartum can bring about many changes and questions. At Adriatica Women’s … Continued

Tips for Managing a High-Risk Pregnancy

The news of a high risk pregnancy can understandably create concern for expecting mothers and bring about lots of questions. Luckily the staff at Adriatica Women’s Health provides expert obstetric care for all types of pregnancies and we are committed to protecting the health and wellbeing of your baby. A high-risk pregnancy defines a wide … Continued

Tracking your menstrual phases for better health

Did you know that every woman has four phases during her menstrual cycle? Tracking these phases are not only important for monitoring your reproductive health but can also help maximize your productivity, fertility and energy. Thanks to the rise in popular tracking apps such as Flo and Clue, women now have several options for easy … Continued

Cord Blood Awareness Month: What You Need to Know

Did you know that your baby’s umbilical cord contains powerful biological material that can save lives? In honor of Cord Blood Awareness month we are spotlighting the benefits of your umbilical cord blood and options for storage or donating to aid medical research. What is cord blood? Cord blood contains a high concentration of powerful … Continued

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